Wonders of life pavilion at epcot

Wonder of Life

Basic Information
Opened On: October 19th 1989 Closed On: January 1st 2007
Located In: Future World, EPCOT
First Appeared: Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in Shadow

Wonders of Life is anbandoned Pavillion at EPCOT that was themed on Life. It housed several theatre shows, interactive exhibits and Body Wars, a simulator.


Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in ShadowEdit

The Keepers visited here twice, both times with the intention of resuing Wayne after Jess had had a vision of him here. The first time, Charlene and Maybeck climbed the wall and sent a signal, using a torch, to tell the others the close was clear. However it wasn't and Gigabyte saw it. With him distracted, the others entered the Pavillion and ofund the circus tent. However Wayne wasn't here. They just managed to escape as Norwegien and Stone Age Men entered the pavillion. They just had to get past Gigabyte which Finn helped with by grabbing fighting him and becoming All-clear. They all ran into the jungle which was harder for Gigabyte to run through.

The second time they entered, Finn and Maybeck walked through a wall after achieving All-clear and hid in the circus tent's centre basket. Charlene next entered, acting as a distraction to The Overtakers. Philby was the last to enter as he went to find the source of the electricity. Charlene found Wayne in the exact position he was in Jess' vision. She entered and was attacked by Trolls and The Norwegien Man. She escaped and was chased by them. She entered the lift to escape and had to hover at the ceiling to get away from the Overtakers. She escaped and found herself face to face with Foo Lions. Philby activated the sprinklers and Charlene escaped.

Meanwhile, Finn and Maybeck douldn't rescue Wayne as he had dispeared. They had to escape but couldn't as the front and back doors were gaurded. They had to climb through a ventalation shaft and climb across a gap in the main part of the Pavillion to a carousel. They had to wait for Philby or else he would be left behind with no way to escape. Jesters and CCrash Test Dummies made it difficult to get across the gap on a makeshift gap. Just as Finn got onto the carrosel, the bridge collapsed and Philby was stranded. He had to tight rope across a thin wire in order to reach for them. Finn and Maybeck took out The Jesters as they tried to get onto the carrousel. When philby landed, the three of them climbed a balanced mobile to a sun roof window at the top of the pavillion. They escaped and Philby told them that on the high wire, he realised what The Overtakers wanted.


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