Basic Information
Park: Magic Kingdom First Appeared: Kingdom Keepers I: Disney after Dark

The Utilidor

The Keepers have visited the Utilidor on many occations This is because the Server Room here is always technial enough to help them.


Kingdom Keepers I: Disney in ShadowEdit

Finn, Philby and Maybeck came here in order to find Maleficent  and get the plans she stole from them. They managed to fool her with normal pens whilst Philby stabbed her with The Stonecutter's Quill. They escaped the Server Room but Maleficent had been thrown into an ecletric stack and the electricity fed her. She chased them through the Utilidor but couldn't tell which of the boys had the plans and pens.

Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in ShadowEdit

Finn and Phliby came here to upload Jess and Amanda's DHIs to the server. Whilst here, Philby managed to hack into the DHI server and open a backdoor and Finn discovered temeperature drops on VMN. However when someone else appeared online, they knew they were in trouble and had to race to get out of the world. Luckilly they suceeded in their mission.

Kingdom Keepers IV: Power PlayEdit

Finn and Philby came here to try to access the DHI server as Philby's backdoor and had been shut. They managed to spy on the person from the Engineering Base to give away the password into it using a webcam.


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Power Play
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