Basic Information
Other Names: Storey Ming First Appeared: Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game
Role in Books: Allie of The Keepers.

Storey is a Cast Member on board The Disney Dream that teaches pottery and has many contacts to help The Keepers.


Kingdom Keepers V: Shell GameEdit

Storey first met The Keepers in The Vibe, on the ship, wheere she started talking to Finn. She later appeared at the Lake Buena Vista Theatre where she told Finn about the lifeboat check. The next day, Storey was on Castaway Cay at the Stingray Section. She was told by Finn about what he had discovered and she said she could help Philby with what he wanted to do. That is exactly what she did as she managed to gain access into the empty rooms on the ship so Philby could check them. Later that night, Storey was at The Vibe doing a demonstration. Here, she was met by Finn. After arguing with eachother, they managed to draw attention to themselves, meaning Luwoski knew Finn was there. They only just manged to escape by Philby's help. She also joined the Kingdom Keepers meeting and warned them that they might lose access to some places due to Willa and Charlene missing one of the events they were supposed to be at. The next night, Storey was entrusted with Crossing Over Finn, Willa and Philby. She was interrupted by Sally Ringswald who told her that the cape in The Galleys was a fake to lure The Keepers into a trap. As Storey left the room, she accidently locked herself out, thus not being able to cross over anyone back. Luckilly she managed to get someone else's Key Card and gained entry, before warning Finn and Philby about the trap.

Kingdom Keepers VI: Dark PassageEdit


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  • Storey was named after author, Ridley Pearson's, daughter- Storey Ming Pearson.

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