Basic Information
Full Name: Gladis Philby Family: Unnamed Husband, Dell Philby (Son), Elvis (Pet Cat)
First Appeared: Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in Shadow
Role in Books: Unsupportive Parent

Mrs Philby is Philby's mother and believes that he is risking his life for some company.


Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in ShadowEdit

In this book, Mrs Philby is first seen arguing with Mrs Whitman about what had happened to her son after they had discovered their sons in SBS. She then took her son to hopsital, which caused the DHI of Philby to be under the influence of drugs. She then decided to go to EPCOT and found her son there.

Kingdom Keepers IV: Power PlayEdit

Mrs Philby first was seen breaking up a fight between Philby and Hugo before telling Philby to close down his computer. Later on, she found him early in the morning on hislaptop monitoring the DHI activity and she confiscated the laptop. She then caught him trying to get it back. He then revealed to her why he needed it and she agreed to let him. However, before she could join Philby, Greg Luwoski entered the house and kept her hostage. Philby threatened him as Mrs Philby hit him in the parts of a man that hurts when it is thumped. She then broke up the fight between the two boys with Fly Spray. As her husband appeared, she told him that an alligator had snuck in but she had soughted it out.She then joined Philby in rescuing his firends.

Kingdom Keepers V: Shell GameEdit

In this book, she let Finn stay in a room connected to her room onboard The Disney Dream. She also said she would keep an eye on Finn's Safe whilst he was out, it contained the missing journal.


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