Basic Information
First Appeared: Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game Role in Books: Fairlie/ Allie of The Keepers.

Mattie Weaver is fairlie that is friends with Amanda and Jess. Not much is known about her yet.


Kingdom Keeepers V: Shell GameEdit

In this book, Mattie first appears checking her Facebook at an Internet Café. She did this so what she got up to on the computer wouldn't be monitored by the people at the Fairlie Home. She had been sent a message by Amanda and Jess in an email she needed to decode before reading who asked her for help after one of Jess' visions. She later appeared escaping the House using an unlocked window that hadn't be detected. She hoped that someone would shut it after her as she left. Later, onboard the Disney Dream, Mattie was spotted by Finn outside the Radio Studio. When he followed her, she disappeared but left a key card for the room. Later the next day, Philby found her hair in one of the empty staterooms but he thought it belonged to one of the Green Eyes. He then ended up fighting two before he could leave the room.


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Shell Game
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