Power plant

Lake Buena Vista Cogeneration Facility

Basic Information:
Located: Edge of Walt Disney World First Appeared: Kingdom Keepers IV Power Play

Lake Buena Vista Cogeneration Facility is situated at the edge of Walt Disney World and powers most of Lake Buena Vista's electricity and Walt Disney World's.


Kingdom Keepers IV: Power PlayEdit

In this book, The Evil Queen, Cruella De'Vil and Hugo traveled here to cut Walt Disney World's power in order to rescue Maleficent and Chernabog from the prison at Animal Kingdom. The Evil Queen turned some of the security gaurds into animals that obeyed her and tied up the others. Luckilly, Maybeck and Charlene arrived to stir things up. Maybeck got captured but due to a power loss, escaped. Charlene crept up behind the Evil Queen and switched the Fob with a mirror which the Evil Queen started to look at her own reflection. Then Charlene and Maybek entered the Control Booth where Hugo and Cruella was. Hugo threatened to turn off the power as Charlene threatened to cross them all back. Maybeck then treatened Hugo not to pull the switch with him pulling a chair over Hugo's head. Cruella threatened Charlene with her cigerette holder. As the Evil Queen came out of her trance with her self, Hugo pulled the switch; Maybeck droppped the chair and Charlene pressed the button sending them all back. Charlene had managed to get The Keepers back the Fob. Yo boi is lit


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