Kingdom Keepers Online

Basic Information
Launched On: April 6th 2010 Type: Single-player, Action-based
Number of Levels: 2500

The Kingdom Keepers Online Game is a game where you are a Keeper and have to clear Nodes to save the internet from The Overtakers. You can be any of the 5 main Keepers, each of which have a special abilit:

  • Willa- Extremely fast, able to move across the level quickly or outrun enemies.
  • Charlene- The tank. High HP.
  • Finn- Balanced. Regains Charge quickly, thus able to trigger special attacks more frequently.
  • Maybeck- Strongest attack. Highest DPS.
  • Philby- The sniper. His attack has an extremely long range.

Although the game is Single-player, players work together to clear the nodes. You have to complete the level 100 times in order to clear. After you complete some nodes, you get a special power up which can be used in the next node. You can select which order you go in, as long as you enter through one of the big nodes and click on one of the nodes connecting to it. Green nodes have been cleared and purple ones haven't but have been once. Before there were red nodes to represent the nodes that haven't been completed once. There are three types of node: easy, medium and hard. Once a node is 100% cleared, a message sometimes is unlocked which can be viewed at: