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Books Mentioned In: Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game Role in Books Allies of The Keepers, under King Triton's command.

King Triton told Finn at Typhoon Lagoon that he would protect The Keepers when they were on The Disney Dream. He kept his promise as the Sea Creatures under his command have helped The Keepers on several occasions. They are summoned whenever a Keeper says into the water, "Starfish wise, starfish cries."


Kingdom Keepers V: Shell GameEdit

When The Keepers were getting attacked by Needlefish, Finn remembered the code King Triton told him, "Starfish wise, starfish cries." Finn said it into the water and The Flying Fish came to The Keepers rescue. The fish made a giant barrier between the Needlefish and The Keepers and protected them until The Keepers were safely on The Disney Dream. Later, on Castaway Cay, Finn was getting attacked on the beack by Maleficent. Finn managed to say the code into the water and some crabs started to attack the fairy, making her think Ariel was behind it. Finn managed to get The Missing Journal from her before she was completely covered in crabs but she disapeared before Finn could get her to release Mrs Whitman.

Kingdom Keepers VI: Dark PassageEdit

When Finn and Willa jumped off of Deck 4, Finn used the code and a submarine's periscope appeared to help them keep near the ship's projectors. Then, when Willa treaded water and went away from the ship, Finn used the code again and a pair of spotted dolphins appeared and the two kids held onto them until they returned.


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