Basic Information
Full Name: Bess 'Jelly' Maybeck Family: Terry Maybeck (Nephew and Adoptive Son)
First Appearence: Kingdom Keepers I: Disney after Dark
Role in Books: Carer of Maybeck.

Jelly is the carer of Maybeck and owner of the pottery shop, Crazy Glaze.


Kingdom Keepers I: Disney after DarkEdit

In this book, Jelly first met Finn and Amanda when they came to invite Maybeck to a Kingdom Keeper Chat on Virtual Magic Kingdom. She told them he had felt ill that day and that they could see him for a bit. Later on, Amanda called into the shop to distract Jellly as Finn went to see where Maybeck was as he hadn't met back up with him the nigfht before. Amanda came out to warn Finn that Jelly had heard him and just as Finn got down for Maybeck's window, Jelly appeared at it. She then came down and told them about Maybeck's slepping sickness- SBS.

Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in ShadowEdit

Jelly appeared again in this book. She let the Keepers use one of the rooms at Crazy Glaze for a meeting about Wayne's Box. Maybeck told them here his theory about the box as Jelly servered them warm cookies and milk. She later told the other Keepers parents that Maybeck had mentioned going to EPCOT and she went with Mr and Mrs Whitman and later Mr and Mrs Philby. However, when the parents found their children, Jelly wasn't anywhere to be seen.

Kingdom KeepersIV: Power PlayEdit

In this book, Jelly let the Keepers have a meeting here to rescue Amanda from her spell.

Kingdom Keepers V: Shell GameEdit

In this book, Maybeck was getting threatened with tazers by Luwoski and another Green Eye at Crazy Glaze. When Jelly entered the room, the other Green Eye shot the tazer and Jelly got electrocuted and was taked to hospital. Before she left, Maybeck asked her to not tell them what had happened. It is presumed that she recovered and went onboard The Disney Dream with Maybeck as he needed a Parent/Carer with him and it wasn't menioned that he was sharing a room with another Keeper.


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Power Play
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Shell Game
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  • It was revealed in Kindom Keepers II: Disny at Dawn that Jelly had a dog.