It's a Small World

it's a Small World

Basic Information
Opened In: October 1st 1971 Located: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom
First Appeared: Kingdom Keepers I: Disney after Dark

it's a Small World is the location of one of the Keepers earliest and most rememberable encounters with The Overtakers.


Kingdom Keepers I: Disney After DarkEdit

The Keepers visited here to search for clues for the Stonecutter's Quill Mystery as it mentioned sun in the song and there is a giant sun in the Americas section of the ride. Once on the ride, in the dark, it started up and the song started to play. Willa told the others that she saw one move but Maybeck told her they were all moving. Later she declared again that she saw one move and they all turned around and saw the dolls were coming off of their stands nd were marching towards them. They then fell into the water and started swimming towards The Keepers. The Keepers ended up getting bitten by several singing dolls as they boarded the boat, even though The Keepers were trying to get rid of them. Eventually, the five DHIs turned back to back to try to thik of a solution. Finn started humming and Willa joined in. Charlene started singing to help. Then Finn heard the lines:

There is just one moon, and one golden sun, and a smile means Friendship to everyone.

This helped him understand what to do. He told the others that they had to smile at the dolls. So they all broke into giant smiles, all except Maybeck who thought it was stupid. The dolls saw the smiles and their eyes changed from anger to pure affection. The smiles soon spread to all of the dolls and they stopped attacking. But when The Keepers reached the giant sun, they couldn't find any clues.

The next night, Finn sent Willa, Charlene and Maybeck back to Small World as he and Philby searched Splash Mountain for clues, this time with 3-D glasses. The ride had been closed down for repair work and they believed the dolls were protecting a clue. When the DHIs met back up, Willa told Philby they had found letters on the sun, that could only be seen with the 3-D Glasses. But Maybeck wasn't there as he had told the girls he had to meet someone and didn't return, making The Keepers think he was in trouble, so they started to seach the park for him.


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