Toy Story Soldiers

Green Army Men

Basic Information
Film: Toy Story First Appeared: Kingdom Keepers IV: Power Play
Role in Books: Overtaker

The Green Army Men are toy soldiers from the 1995-2010 Disney/Pixar film series Toy Story in which they serve as allies to Woody, Buzz and the other toys in the films. While in the Kingdom Keepers books, they are enemies to the Keepers and are under the command of Judge Claude Frollo.


Kingdom Keepers IV: Power PlayEdit

In this book, The Green Army Men were ordered by Judge Claude Frollo to capture Willa at Hollywood Studios, which they did. After Willa refused to answer any questions, Frollo ordered them to kill Willa. However she escaped by swimming into Echo Lake and being rescued by Ariel.

Kingdom Keepers V: Shell GameEdit

In this book, The Green Army Men were used by The Overtakers to take down The Engineering Base. However, Jess had had a vision of a series of crosses and square which revealed The Green Army Men's position. Maybeck and Jess managed to stick the Men to the floor by making them walk into an area of glue from a glue gun.


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