Basic Information
Opened: October 15th 1998 Located: Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Studios
First Appeared: Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in Shadow

Fantasmic! is the late night show featuring Mickey Mouses dreams being attacked.

History Edit

Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in Shadow Edit

In the books this is the location for the first big battle beteween The Keepers and Overtakers. Finn discovers that Maleficent and Chernabog are hiding here, playing themselves. Jess is disguised as a stage hand and has to take Maleficent to the stage. During this time, she has a vision which will help the Keepers at a later date. Philby snaeks in and takes over the control booth so he can aid Finn in his fight with Maleficent. Charlene takes on Chernabog, in dragon form, and tries to capture him so he can't come down from his perch. Philby also disables the fire from Chernabog's mouth. However, due to his mother's worrying, Philby is under the influence of drugs and so his mind isn't very clear and he takes ages to open up the trapddors meant to rescue Finn and to disable the fire. Finn has to face Maleficent alone as she turns into a vulture and traps him in an electric cage, Finn escapes using All-clear but has to leave his only defence, the sword, behind. Then Wayne appears and tells Finn to give up whereas Amanda appears and tells him to not give up. She then passes the sord to Finn using her powers and Finn can now attack Maleficent. Suddenly Philby comes back to his senses and opens all of the trapdoors- one of which Maleficent has fallen through. Charlene attacks Chernabog who falls and breathes fire, right in the path of Wayne. he Keepers are left distraught to flee froim the place with Wanda.



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Fantasmic! is mentioned in Kingdom Keepers VII several times.