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Engineering Base

Basic Information
Located: Hollywood Studios First Appeared: Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in Shadow,

The Engineering Base is tucked in behind Lights! Motors! Action! Extreme Stunt Show!


Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in ShadowEdit

The Keepers have visited here only once. They were looking for maintenence reports on temperature drops at EPCOT. They knew Maleficent was hiding Wayne in EPCOT and so they knew that whatever room she entered the temperature would drop. However there was an alarm that, once picking up someone entering, would send a warning to Security in 5 minutes. When Finn and Philby overstayed their welcome, they had to pretend to be their DHI's in order to fool them. But when Security left, they activated the Motion Sensor, thus leaving Finn Philby trapped unless they were able to achieve All-Clear. Finn coached Philby and he crossed over for the first time, proudly saying, "I fell through a chair." It is also mentioned That Disney characters can come through here

Kingdom Keepers IV: Power PlayEdit

Despite not actuallly visiting here, several people were sent from Base to sort out the DHI server lockout problem, caused by Philby who had been locked out of his back door to the server and needed to open a new one, and to sort out why the trash system was shut down, the way in for Finn and Pilby who had Maybeck press the button so they would get blown away. Both set's of people fixed whatever they had to, allowing Philby back into the DHI server.

Kingdom Keepers V: Shell GameEdit

In this book, The Engineering Base is in a siege. Maybeck and Charlene were seen gaurding it at first when the Fantasia Brooms came and attacked them. Luckilly, Charlene managed to stop the Brooms frm atacking by getting them to fall in their own poisonous toxic. Later on, Jess Crossed Over to show Maybeck her sketch which helped reveal the location of The Green Army Men which they manged to take out.


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.Engineering Base

.Engineering Base