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Here is a list of DHI vocalbulary:

All- ClearEdit

All-Clear is when The Keepers become 100% DHI. They are able to go through things and let nobody touch them and they can't touch anything either so they can't leave footprints. Finn was the first to achieve this state and Amanda is the only Keeper who hasn't yet.

Crossed OverEdit

The way The Keepers go to sleep and awake in the Parks.


DHI stands for both Disney Host Interactive and Daylight Hologram Imaging. The five Keepers are the original DHIs that are tour guides at the Disney Parks. Jess and Amanda later became DHIs in order to help the Keepers. Later on, The Overtakers have managed to own DHI software, turning Maleficent, Chernabog, Evil Queen, Cruella De'Vil into DHIs.

DHI ShadowEdit

DHI Shadow is the place where the Projecters can't reach in order to produce the DHIs images. This means, whenever The Keepers -in DHI form- are in a DHI Shadow, they will be invisible. If they are away from the server and Parks, they can't even talk to eachother.

Manual ReturnEdit

If The Keepers had lost The Fob, they would have to get to where they crossed over to. Then someone who had access to The Server could return them.

Sleeping Beauty SyndromeEdit

The Syndrome (or SBS or The Syndrome) is the state the Keepers are left in when the other Keepers have returned.