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Film: Fantasia

First Appeared:

Kingdom Keepers II:Disney at Dawn
Role in Books: Leader of The Overtakers


Chernabog appears in a few attractions like Fantasmic! and The Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Chernabog is the leader of the Overtakers. This was revealed in Kingdom Keepers II: Disney at Dawn, when Maleficent was awakening the yeti. The yeti was in fact Chernabog's prison, trapped in a big freeze. It is unkown of the powers he possess except we know he can turn into a dragon as he did at Fantasmic! in Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in Shadow. We do know that he is ''Only the most powerful villain Walt Disney ever created.'-Philby KK2.

He is the main villain of the 1940 Disney film Fantasia, to which he appears in the final segment A Night on Bald Mountain/Ava Maria, where he and his minions gather on Bald Mountain during Walpurgis Night (the equvilant of our own Halloween), he is worshipped by the creatures of evil, and under his spell they dance furiously, until the sounds of church bells which signal the coming of dawn, which sends the demonic monster and his minions back into hiding. The Nostalgia Critic listed him as the number one greatest Disney Villain in his Top 11 Greatest Disney Villains Countdown.




Kingdom Keepers II: Disney at DawnEdit

In this book, Chernabog was revealed to be the leader of The Overtakers. He was rescued by Maleficent from being The Yeti at Expedition Everest.

Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in ShadowEdit

In this book, Chernabog makes a brief appearance as the dragon at Fantasmic! and got attacked by Charlene before being taken prisoner by The Cast Members.

Kingdom Keepers IV: Power PlayEdit

For most of this book, Chernabog was in the prison at Animal Kingdom. He managed to escape by fooling the guards as a DHI version of himself was displayed in his cell after a power cut. He was transformed into a van by Maleficent so he could sneak out as a Security Gaurd.

Kingdom Keepers V: Shell GameEdit

In this book, Chernabog arrived on Castaway Cay in a crate and was put onto The Disney Dream by some hypnotized Cast Members. He was stored underneath The Walt Disney Theatre where Charlene spyed on him there. It was confirmed by Cruella De'Vil and The Evil Queen that it was Chernabog in the crate. The next day, The Keepers were captured by Pirates and, during their fight undereath The Theatre, burst open the crate and Chernabog escaped and tried to help The Pirates.

Kingdom Keepers VI: Dark PassageEdit

Appearence: Unknown... He is evil incarnate

The Insider

He is defeat by Finn at the top of a mountain at Disneyland